Site Fees & Application Form

All site fees are for provision of floor/ground space only. You are required to provide all materials to erect your display, including extension cords, tables and display boards. A 5% loading fee applies to corner/double-sided sites.

All fees include 10% GST. Payment in full must accompany your Site Application Form. Your application is not valid without payment of the fee.

Three payment options are available – direct deposit to our Trade Fair bank account, credit card payment, or post a cheque. Full details are on the Site Application Form. The Site Application Form doubles as a Recipient Created Tax Invoice and you must keep a copy for accounting purposes.

Remember to include the length of trailer tow hitches and/or marquee guide ropes when booking a site, as exhibitors must not spread outside their designated site boundary.


PDF 2019 Site Fees [PDF 77 KB]
PDF 2019 Site Application form [PDF 75 KB]
PDF 2019 Site Application (Liquor Licence) [PDF 68 KB]
PDF Checklist for Success [PDF 44 KB]