Congratulations Luke Hall

Congratulations Luke Hall

 Wagin’s very own Luke Hall has made Wagin and the Woolorama Committee proud by becoming the runner up of the National Rural Ambassador Award at the Adelaide Royal Show


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Wagin’s very own Luke Hall has made Wagin and the Woolorama Committee proud by becoming the runner up of the National Rural Ambassador Award at the Adelaide Royal Show
All Australian States and Territories along with New Zealand were represented in the prestigious Agricultural Shows Australia (ASA) Rural Ambassador 2018 Competition.
I spoke with Luke on the phone the day after his momentous win, he was tired but elated after a big night, he was on his way to Melbourne with Brad Creek a fellow contestant to check out his farm and then go to the football finals on the weekend. He will be flying back to Perth and back on the farm again by Sunday.
He said the most impressive thing about the Adelaide Show was the amount of young people representing their respective states and sections, with the level of involvement being high, bringing a much-needed energy back into the show society. Many of the questions from the panel during the competition centred around youth and the need to get them engaged in a proactive way to ensure the future and relevance of the Agricultural shows nationwide.
Luke talked about his own involvement in Woolorama from the time he left school 10 years ago, when he become a steward in the cattle section, adding significantly to his personal and professional development. He now advocates for all young farmers to get involved and support their rural communities by getting active in their local agricultural societies and respective shows. He is now one of the Head Steward of the Cattle Section with Kirk Wise since the retirement of Brad & Kelly Patterson and their wives last year. Ironically, he said there are only 1 or 2 stewards who farm cattle, but he said it doesn’t matter, it’s all good fun, for a great cause and very rewarding. He particularly enjoys the social camaraderie, the great sense of satisfaction when it all comes together on show day and the competitors enjoying a great experience.
This years Woolorama had an overall increase in youth involvement in most sections, particularly in the young judge’s competition, with 164 competitors which was an increase of 48 from the previous year. Bryan Kilpatrick the head steward for the young judges, suggested that it’s not necessarily the prize that attracts them but rather the acknowledgement of their involvement, and the honour of getting a Woolorama Sash that is highly prized. The Wagin Agricultural Society (WAS) want to go even further and see younger farmers get involved with the Woolorama Committee, to bring new ideas, a fresh approach and enthusiasm to continue the great work of previous members and ensure the ongoing success of Woolorama for the next generation
Luke talked about the great fun and exciting Young Farmers competition event held at the Royal Adelaide Show that brought a lot of youthful energy and public interest and could easily be replicated at the 2019 Woolorama with the support of the WAS committee and the formation of a sub-committee of young farmers to help organise and stay engaged in the Woolorama on all levels.
The Young Farmer event was held in the evening in the Stockman’s bar, although an informal setting, it was a serious section competition with recorded results. The different approach made it more accessible and appealing to the general-public. The competitors had several farming activities to do in the fastest time which included: -
Throwing a fleece
Pack a Wool Bale
Stack a straw bale onto the back of a 4x4 
Build an irrigation system from poly pipe
Construct a Scarecrow to light up
Put out the burning Scarecrow with a fire unit
Luke said it was bloody good fun and a great laugh for all of us who watched but also awesome fun for those who competed!
Although the National Finals are over for Luke he will stay involved next year as the WA Ambassador with the National Titles being held in Perth. 
A great achievement for Luke who started his ambassador journey at the Wagin Woolorama in 2016 to today being the runner up for Australia and New Zealand! – What a fantastic role model for all the young farmers and the agricultural sector – Well Done, an awesome achievement!

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