Road Safety Message

Road Safety Message

Wagin Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services and Emergency Services pull together to get the Road Safety Message out to the Community and Travellers passing through Wagin.


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At 2018 Woolorama, Wagin will have its very own, drive safe trailer to help promote road safety thanks to the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Services. In previous years the office of road safety in conjunction with Main Roads has brought down the Roadwise displays.  

Cameron from Wagin Volunteer Fire & Rescue and a team of volunteers have seen too much carnage on regional roads and decided more is needed to be done to get the road safety message out there, and will use the Woolorama as a springboard for their campaign

After 12mths of waiting for a permanent campaign trailer with a smashed vehicle and signage down to display in the main street of Wagin (a major thoroughfare for traffic and travellers) highlighting road trauma and the drive safely message; Local business owner Cameron and 4 others in the Brigade decided they couldn’t wait anymore and voted to build Wagin’s very own road safety trailer.  Many local businesses, including Shire of Wagin, Midalia Steel, Martins Trailer Parts, Wagin Mechanical Repairs, Aussie Stock Yards, Alexander Galts, Wagin Motel, Beaurepaires, TRF Signs, St Johns Ambulance Wagin, Bolty’s Auto Electrics and Minding Auto Electrics, have all donated time and resources to ensure it could happen.

The initiative is primarily to have a visual reminder for motorist passing through Wagin to be road safety aware: The trailer will have signage and banners with the messages of don’t drink or drug drive, speed, drive fatigued, and always belt up.  Tragically only 7 weeks into 2018 and there has already been 18 deaths on WA roads - 7 metro and 11 regional.  

Sargent Williams from the Wagin Police said with up to 20 thousand people travelling through town, over the 2-day Woolorama, they will be enforcing the drive safely message.  Up to 12 Police Officers will be stationed at the major arterial roads, in and out of Wagin over the 2 days.  Although they won’t be within the show grounds permanently; they will have a strong visible presence throughout the event.

From the 1st March a week before the Woolorama the new don’t drug and drive trial rolls out in Wagin.  Wagin is one of the three regional stations state-wide to have been selected for this trial, so Sargent Williams says we now have the capability to test for drug driving as well as drink driving.  The Drink driving campaign has been so successful and streamlined that it has proven to reduce road fatalities, therefore the focus now is to have the same streamline approach to testing for the influence of drugs whilst driving.

The test is a swipe down the centre of the tongue and can read methamphetamines and cannabis in the system, if the test reads positive; a second test is done on location for further analyses at a chemistry lab offsite.

This drug testing device is highly sensitive and can pick up traces of methamphetamines equivalent to 1 teaspoon diluted in an Olympic size pool of water, & can test positive for up to 6 weeks, however this effect will be influenced by the amount and frequency of drugs used prior to testing.

The 1st offence is up to $250 spot fine, the 2nd offence will be a loss of licence from between 3 & 6 months depending on the amount of parts per million found in the blood stream – the reading is on a sliding scale to determine mid, low or excessive amounts of substance in the system and the penalty will be determined by the Magistrate according to severity. 

The message from the Emergency Services & Wagin Police to all those visiting the Woolorama is to stay safe by following the Roadwise Safety Rules - Don’t Drink & Drug drive, speed, drive tired and make sure you buckle up!!

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