Stitches of Hope helps the Homeless

Stitches of Hope helps the Homeless

Stitches of Hope Photography display of the Homeless at the Woolorama


Stitches of Hope is a charity which supports widows and orphans in Cambodia.  As well as educating and providing housing for orphans, we have a sewing centre that provides dignified employment for women.  Last year we asked them to make sleeping bags for Perth’s homeless people, that were distributed (mostly via Rotary) into Perth, Albany, Mandurah and a few other rural areas.  We called it Win-Win because the Cambodian women got a fair wage for fair work that impacted positively on West Australian people who were down on their luck.  The bags were paid for by kind people who donated $50 a bag that covered materials, labour and internal transport. The shipping was generously donated and the distribution of the bags in WA was done voluntarily. This year we’re doing the same, with 500 bags expected to arrive by the end of March. 

One of the ways Stitches of Hope raises funds for these charitable projects is through catering and cleaning at the Wagin Woolorama.  This year we will be donating the money raised from our service at the Woolorama to the sleeping bag project, which has a focus on the destitute in WA

With that in mind, the charity has arranged an exhibition of photographic work by Phil England and will be hung in the Wool Pavilion at site 401 & 402.  He has captured 20 images of homeless people and given an insight into their world, along with a fund-raising raffle in the dining room for the sleeping bags.  Every homeless person has a story to tell, and Phil photographs demonstrates this beautifully.  Be sure to go and have a look in the dining room at this wonderful exhibition.

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