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In perfect autumn weather 21,500 people attended Wagin’s big event on 10th and 11th March.


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30th March 2017
Wendy Pederick,
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In perfect autumn weather 21,500 people attended Wagin’s big event on 10th and 11th March.  Without show patrons, the effort required to present to the show would be hard to justify.  Thanks to the crowds who looked, learnt, enjoyed, and connected.

Wagin citizens are to be commended for stepping in to make all aspects of the show run like clock-work.  From the Youth Centre who attended the parking gate, to the ladies who prepare the president’s luncheon; from the stewards in the craft pavilion, to the dozens who show up on Sunday to clean up the grounds; hundreds of volunteers, working to raise funds for their organisation, utilised the opportunity to contribute enormously to the administration of the show.

Some work behind the scenes and some are the first engagement visitors have with the happenings of the show.  All are highly valued and deeply appreciated.  Thanks for your courtesy and resourcefulness.

Support from the Shire office, staff and workers is a precious not to be taken for granted.  The relationship is harmonious and the Society appreciates the dedication of the town’s administrative body to ensuring the grounds and buildings are ready and maintained.

For those with a mind for the numbers, 450 trade fair exhibitors participated. In the competitions, there were 1679 entrants with 3444 entries.  These were presided over by 86 judges who were reliant on the 29 show section stewards, all wonderful volunteers.  Farmers brought 1393 head of livestock – a huge commitment of hope and resources, commitment and fraternity.  Congratulations to all the winners.

130 sponsors rewarded the competition entrants and supported all aspects of the show.  Their generosity, promotion of the event, and investment of time and effort is nothing short of amazing.

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