Emergency services at the 2020 Wagin Woolorama

Emergency services at the 2020 Wagin Woolorama

For the first time we have a huge display of Emergency services at the Wagin Woolorama


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For the first time, Woolorama is putting a focus on our lifesaving services.  Make sure you visit the RAC and Royal Flying Doctor simulators, State Emergency Rescue Dogs and The St John Ambulance Services displays at the Wagin Woolorama– see entertainment guide for more information

St John WA has always attended the show as First Responders since the beginning; however, this year they are pulling out all stops to educate and entertain the crowds with their modern technology and lifesaving devices on show.

Plus, there will be a big ambulance, appropriately called Bertha, that has four stretchers, compared with the Wagin Sub Centre’s small advanced ambulance for people to get up close and personal to appreciate the differences with a guided look.

There will also be competitions for adults and activities for children, including a CPR competition, selling and replacing items in first-aid kits and offering discounted first-aid courses. Two paramedics will be visiting and available for a chat. All great reasons to stop by and get involved in the display situated near the main Woolorama office

A local past St John volunteer and president of the Wagin Woolorama Howe Ward said

"Being a St John volunteer does not require training to the highest level – not everyone has that amount of time to spare, but it is an option for some," . "Once you get into it you can be as involved as much as you like".

St John Southern Wheatbelt Regional Sub-Centre Co-ordinator Claire Dadd

" said people might wish to volunteer at the highest level, but if they are content to offer their services purely as a driver or serve at a basic level, they would be welcome to join at most St John's Centre’s".

Claire is excited to bring this interactive display to share with people all the amazing things they do as a service and explain what volunteers can expect when they sign up.

Some of the fun things they will have at the display include:-

A CPR challenge – using QCPR mannequins that provide instant feedback to measure the effectiveness of the CPR performed. With a leader board and prizes for the top performers.  A great way to learn a lifesaving skill while having lots of fun.

First Aid Kit servicing – bring your First Aid kits along to the Wagin Woolorama, and there will be very informed servicing personnel to go through and replace the items that are out of date.

First Aid kit sales –the local Wagin Sub Centre will be on hand to sell their first aid kits at an affordable price.

Volunteer recruitment –will be on hand to explain the volunteer model, the levels of Ambulance volunteer expertise, the application process and share stories about their experiences as volunteers.

First Aid courses – iPad's will be on hand to help people through the First Aid course enrolment, A discount for all First Aid courses will be applied if you sign up at the Wagin Woolorama.

Displays – a then and now display with old and new ambulances. We will also have at least one Community Paramedic Ambulance in attendance.

LOTS of giveaways! And a colouring competition for the children as well.

Don't miss this impressive display, bring your friends along and see who can save a life in the CPR Challenge Competition!!


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