50th Year Celebrations in 2022

50th Year Celebrations in 2022

Wagin Woolorama 50th Celebrations for 2022 started with an afternoon tea with original members


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Diana Blacklock, Media
Ph: 0421 631 632,
E: media@woolorama.com.au

Wagin Woolorama 50th Celebrations for 2022 started with an afternoon tea last Thursday afternoon in the Member bar, with a gathering of some original committee & show members

A lovely time was had sharing many memories with some of the original members of the very first Wagin Woolorama in 1972.  The gathering was to introduce a 2-year project proposal to record and hopefully publish memoirs of this unique event over the past 5 decades, and to honour & acknowledgement past community members who have dedicated time and resources over many years to the Wagin Woolorama from the inception in 1972 to 2022.

The Wagin Agricultural Society have started it off with a $5,000 contribution to determine the interest and viability of such a project.  A small working party has been formed to collect record and document stories via audiovisual and text about these colourful and celebratory memories, to celebrate the 50th year in 2022.

Diana Blacklock (current Media Officer), Lynette Curlew-Reid (youngest ever secretary at 18 years) and currently Farm Weekly Journalist), Maxine McKenzie (Former Secretary), Veana Scott (Former Media Officer & Journalist for Wagin Argus) & Wendy Abbot (Former and longest-serving Secretary) will be working together to ensure as many stories and community members are interviewed and recorded as possible given the time available and our current budget.

If you are interested in contributing to the cost of producing this publication, film and display at the 2022 50th Year Celebrations please email media@woolorama.com.au   A donation page will be set up on our website in the coming weeks for any contribution you feel you would like to make would be greatly appreciated and acknowledged in any publications and or media releases.  An option to pre-purchase the book or video will also be available and will help us determine the appetite for such a publication while helping us cover the expenses as needed throughout the project.

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