Program of Events

Section A: State Sheep Show Merino & Poll Merino

Judging Start

Merino and Poll Merino: Friday 8.30am

Merino Group Classes: Saturday 8.30am

Presentation Saturday 2pm, Merino Judging Lawn
Categories Open Classes; Open Classes - Lambs Dropped; Merino: Fine Wool, Fine Medium Wool, Medium Wool, Strong Wool; Poll Merino: Fine Wool, Fine Medium Wool, Medium Wool, Strong Wool and Superfine Wool.

Section B: British and Australasian Sheep Breeds

Judging Start Friday, 8am
Presentation Friday, 5pm
Categories Suffolk; Ile de France; Texel; Poll Dorset; White Suffolk; Corriedale; Prime Samm; Border Leicester; Shropshire; White Dorper and Dorper.

Section C: Wool

Judging Start Friday, 8am
Presentation Saturday, 2pm, Merino Lawn
Categories Open class (Merino); Non Stud (Merino)

Section D: Commonwealth Bank Expo Stud Cattle

Judging Start

Stud Cattle: Friday, 9.30am

Trade Cattle: Friday, 10am

Heifer Competitions: Friday 10am

Presentation Saturday, 12pm, Cattle Complex
Categories Specialty Breeds; Bos Indicus Type; British Breeds; Euro Breeds; Group Classes and Heifer Challenge
Auction Prime Yearling and Beef, Friday 4pm, Cattle Expo Arena

Section E: Woolorama Young Judges Championships

Judging Start Saturday, 8.30am
Presentation Saturday, 1.30pm, Merino Lawn
Categories Novice and Open

Section F: Sheep dogs

Want to know more about sheepdog trials?

Sheep Dog Trials

Judging Start

Friday 8.30am, Sheep Dog Arena, continuing at Friday 12pm, Saturday 8.30am

Improver class: Friday, 2.30pm

Open Class: Saturday, 1.30pm

Dog High Jump Competitions

Judging Start Saturday 12pm, Woolorama Sheep Dog Arena

Section G: Poultry & Eggs

Judging Start Friday, 10am
Presentation Saturday, 1pm, Poultry Shed
Categories Soft Feather Large Fowl; Hard Feather Large Fowl; Soft Feathered Bantam; Hard Feathered Bantam; Waterfowl, Geese and Turkey; and Eggs
Auction Saturday, 2.30pm

Section H: Horses in Action

Judging Start

Saturday, 8.30am (Funorama and Junior Rodeo)

Categories Hacking, Showjumping, Handy Pony & Games

Section I: Shearing

Judging Start Clear Shear: Saturday, 8am

Clean Shear and Speed Shear

Section J: Woolhandling

Judging Start  
Categories Open, Intermediate, Novice

Section K: New Release

Judging Start Friday, 9.45am & 1pm

Section L: Woolorama Utes

Judging Start  Saturday, 10am (assemble at 9.30am)
Presentation  Saturday, 1pm
Categories B&S, Town, Chick’s, 4WD, Feral and Country

Section N: Art

Judging Thursday
Categories Oil or Acrylic, Watercolour, Any, Other, Pastel, Small, Sculpture, Youth.

Section O: Photography

Judging Wednesday

Section P: Special Junior Section

Judging Thursday
Categories Cookery, Art Craft & Design, and Photography

Section Q: Craftwork

Judging Thursday
Categories Dolls & Bears, Pottery, Sculpture, Paper, Cards, and General

Section R: Needlework

Judging Thursday
Categories Garments, Novelty, Embroidery Hand & Machine, Tapestry, Cross stitch, Smocking, Candlewicking and Open

Section S: Patchwork, Quilting & Appliqué

Judging Thursday
Categories Theme, Hand, Machine, Commercial, Applique, Hand Embroidery, Friendship, Art and Other

Section T: Knitting & Crochet

Judging Start Thursday
Categories Scarf, Novelty, Shawl, Rug, Doll, Toy and Other

Section U: Woodwork & Metalwork

Judging Start Thursday
Categories Wood Turning, Woodwork, Metalwork and Novice

Section V: One Person’s Work

Judging Start Thursday
Categories Adult and Junior

Section W: Cookery

Judging Start Thursday
Categories Cakes, Biscuits, Slices, Muffins, Bread, Scones, Mens and First Time

Section X: Fruit & Vegetables

Judging Start Thursday

Section Y: Jams & Preserves

Judging Start Thursday
Categories Jams, Marmalades, Chutney, Sauces, Relishes, Pickled, Vinegar and Dried Fruit

Section Z: UniGrain Wagin Rodeo

Wrist bands available from 9am Friday at the information booth.

Judging Start Saturday, 7pm
Categories Saddle Bronc, Bareback, Bull Ride, Steer Wrestling, Rope & Tie, Team Roping, Ladies Barrel Race, Breakaway Roping and Steer Undercoating