Entertainment Timetable


Sideshow Action

For an adrenalin rush at the Make Smoking History Wagin Woolorama, you couldn't do better that the entertainment on offer. 

Located on the grassed area of the 600s, on the north side of the grounds, the Star Flyer is a must for those who can handle it.  Rides for younger children will be present too.

"Children are an important segment of our show patrons," said President Tony Baxter, "and we like to ensure they are catered for on the grounds."

The Committee is pleased to welcome back members of WA's Showman's Association who will be providing the following attractions at Side Show Alley.

Fashion Parade

It wouldn't be a Woolorama without wool.  It's there on the sheep's back, it there coming off the sheep's backs and its there in wearable form.

Ten parades a day promise to keep show goers delighting in the garments, the models, the choreography and in the luxury of wearing wool.

"We're bringing swimwear back," declared Londa Finlayson, the volunteer who undertakes this significant element of Wagin's show.  "As well we are re-introducing evening wear," said Londa.  "The parades will be fun and lively."

Garments will be paraded from Australian Wool Innovation, Williams Woolshed, Jme Boutique, Anna Chandler, Lee Garrett and Goldilocks Boutique.

In two parades garments will be modelled by Wagin's entrants in the Apex Teen Fashion awards, a national competition that has seen Wagin students excel in the Wearable Art category under the guidance of the school's art teacher Shaun van den Berg.

Always a highlight of the show, the parades feature wool labels and everyday wear.

Australian Wool Innovation supports the parades by supplying woollen garments and helping to defray the production costs. 

Times of the parades will be printed in the Official Program and  are available on the website under Visitor Info.

"Backstage it's busy and demanding," said Londa who will be retiring from the position after this year's show.  "But I love the results and the "wow factor" that those who come to the parades enjoy."  She thanked her many helpers and the Committee for not being stingy and ensuring the professionalism of the parades.

FASHION PARADES in the Ray Johnson Pavilion

Friday, 11 March   Saturday, 12 March
10am 10am
11am 11am
12pm - Apex Teen Fashions 12pm - Apex Teen Fashions
1pm - Official Opening 1pm
2pm 2pm
3pm 3pm